Body art should not be the decider of capability

Lex H., Reporter

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Body art is a way to express personality, culture, or religion. But in many cases they’re seen as taboo. They can make people seeking employment look rebellious and unprofessional preventing them from getting jobs. But in some instances, these radical styles can be a way of bonding, allowing people to make connections with others through the artwork on their body, whether friends, co-workers, or clients.

Having unnatural hair, piercings, etc. should not justify whether or not you are suitable for a job. However, an obscene option, or in an obscene area should probably be covered by makeup or clothing so they are not distracting or insulting.

Some people see body art as a mark of the new generation and untraditional. However, studies have found ancient persons with these, proving this wrong and an invalid excuse.

Having fun hair colors and cool artwork on your body expresses your individuality and creates a barrier between you and the everyday, average Joe. I don’t want to be “normal,” or the same as everyone else. I don’t think that having art on my arm or pink hair should determine whether or not I’m a good server, teacher, military personnel or whatever else I may pursue as a career.

Body art is very common nowadays. StatisticBrain.com shares how 83% of the population has piercings, and everywhere you go you see someone with different hair. These statistics prove it’s very unlikely to hire someone who doesn’t have one of these things.

These forms of radical style are ways for people to express themselves and not a way of determining your abilities. As a democratic republic, why should we discriminate others based on appearance? Don’t Americans encourage diversity? These things are ways of bonding, not separation.

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Body art should not be the decider of capability