New school theme presented to Layton High Lancers

Katie B., Editor

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Layton High School students gathered in the auditorium for the Welcome Back Assembly and to hear the new 2017-18 school theme: “Limitless.” From last year’s theme of “Divide and Conquer” to “Limitless,” Layton High School students will make a shift in how we view each other. Hopefully, a shift that draws students closer and pushes us past any conceived boundaries, whether they be academic, social, or physical.

Senior and Vice-President Student Body Officer (SBO), Jakob Bell, conceived the theme when first applying to run for Student Body Office. He wanted a theme that represented everyone, not just social groups like the jocks or theatre people, but the overall student population. Bell explained that the goal is unity, because with unity comes success. Success in academics, success at sports, success in clubs, and an unwavering sense that even if one stumbles, they do not have to fall. Bell has had experience with feeling limited. He has struggled with being introverted and has struggled in classes, but he believes that these challenges which we all face do not mean we are a failure. Bell also believes that patterns of static thinking, such as, ‘I hate this class’ or ‘I will never understand’, only prevent one from achieving what they feel they cannot. He believes that we all have our struggles; however, if we unite and help one another achieve, together we become “Limitless.”

Bell went on to talk about how joining SBO helped him want to be part of something bigger than himself. He believes that by being involved, students can grow, learn responsibility, and really become boundless. He says that this kind of experience molds a person into someone who can forge their own decisions, rather than just being a bystander in their own life.

SBO President and Senior, Wendy Joseph, hopes that all students will feel as though they can achieve goals, have no boundaries, and be completely unstoppable. She describes her seventh-grade year as a time when she felt truly limited. Having changes in her close friend group left her feeling out of place and all alone. Determined to make a change, she decided to stop being unhappy and took her life into her own hands. Joseph continues by saying that by being in SBO, she has something worthwhile to accomplish; speaking up for the ‘little guy’. She adds that the words we tell ourselves really do impact our thoughts, and, in the long run, affect our behaviors. Joseph says, “Telling yourself there are no limits will eliminate them.” By becoming involved and recognizing potential, this can lead to “unlimited” success.

Truly, with “Limitless” as our school’s theme, Layton Lancers are unstoppable. Yet, how are we going to prove to others and, primarily, ourselves that we are more than just high school students? That we, together as a school, are more than grade divisions of sophomores, juniors, and seniors, focused on getting credits to graduate–but that we are united. What boundaries do you feel trapped in and what are you going to do differently this year? It’s up to you to decide, because we are Lancers, we are unstoppable, but most importantly, we are “Limitless”.

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New school theme presented to Layton High Lancers