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LHS challenges Broadway with stunning performance of Wizard of Oz

Layton High’s performance of the Wizard of Oz left me simply astonished. This was a top-notch performance. There is always a lower expectation when you attend a school play, simply because of justifiable means, like budgeting and the experience of the cast. However, this was not the case for the Layton High theater department. If you told me I was watching a Broadway play, I would not have known anything different. It was that spectacular.

It was obvious that the pit orchestra had spent a considerable amount of time practicing, and working hard. Intonation and timing were spot on. The singing was synchronized and the blending of voices and instruments was a truly professional feat.

All the characters sang and performed tremendously well. Dorthy’s (Livy Alvey) singing ability sounded like an angel. Her voice was clear and consistently strong. The Scarecrow (Spencer Watson) performed consistent with his character as someone without a brain. He was flawless in portraying his character. Dallin Plowman played the Tin Man flawlessly, with every creak and gesture renown in the movie. Dallin Brinkman’s performance of “If I were king of the foooressst” mimicked the comical cowardly lion we all know from the Wizard of Oz. The cast maintained their energy throughout the night, with many actors playing an assortment of roles.

The set was so fantastical and included a rainbow, spanning the width of the stage; it lit up and changed color throughout the various acts. The Emerald City was dominantly green — green gardens, tall green buildings, and even people in green costumes. Whenever Glinda, the good witch, came onto, or left the stage, there were bubbles that rained onto the audience from the ceiling. When Glinda lifted the evil spell that had been cast upon Dorthy and her friends, there was snow that fell on the audience! The witches’ costumes were designed after the witches from the Broadway performance of “Wicked”. Glinda, the good witch, had over 2,500 sequins on her costume. All hand sewn.

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