Senior Ben Bailey challenges opponents on the court

Saskia C., Reporter

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Senior Ben Bailey is a powerhouse on the ball court


Ben Bailey, a point guard at Layton High standing at 6’1’’ has a true passion for basketball and has been playing ever since the first grade. He played one-on-one with his dad and brother in the backyard. “I would always end up losing, that’s where I think I developed my competiveness.” Bailey excels at the hustle and at attacking the rim. His height and growth rate have never failed him because, along with his skills, its kept him on teams up to his current senior year, with the exception of not making the team his 7th grade year. That didn’t stop him from playing though. Bailey has always been involved in competitive teams and played with and against many of his current teammates. He has always had a close bond with all the teams he’s encountered and says that they’re more like best friends, rather than just people he plays basketball with.

Going against a team that called themselves Rich City, coming from the Portland Trailblazers, “They were kind of like our crosstown rivals in little league,” was one of Baileys most memorable moments during all of his years of playing basketball. Now, aside from basketball, on his free time Bailey hangs out with friends which just happen to be the same friends he plays basketball with and also enjoys video games. He currently doesn’t do any other sports but has tried out football and baseball in the past. Bailey says “Yes, I enjoyed other sports, but not nearly as much as I enjoy basketball.”

If Bailey got an offer to play college ball, he said he would definitely take advantage of the opportunity. Although Bailey hasn’t looked at other career options, he has an open mind to maybe find one in the future and pursue it after basketball but that’s all aside from the fact that he’d choose basketball over any other career. “You can only play college sports once in your life.” So in relation to college being in the near future, Bailey is a big supporter of the Cougars and hopes to attend BYU, but would also take the chance at whatever came at him.

While skills are necessary on the basketball court, Bailey says the strength within his team is held through the bond they share. They know how each and every one of them play and everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. There’s a slight lack of experience on Varsity level in comparison to last year’s team and some members are newer to the game, but Bailey has some personal weaknesses of his own, he tends to get fired up and enraged on the court, due to a shortage of patience. But that is also a benefit to Bailey, he’s a tough player who doesn’t let himself get lazy.

At present, Ben Bailey’s main focus is playing the game and enjoying the rest of his Senior year. He has high expectations for this season and hopes to stay solid with basketball throughout his journey as an athlete. Bailey and the Layton High Basketball team want as much support as they can get, a little school spirit never hurt anyone!

Saskia C., Reporter/Photographer

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Senior Ben Bailey challenges opponents on the court