Glitter and gold fill the fashion runway

Breyanna D., Reporter

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Fashions from the 80’s are making a reappearance on the run way. Leather jackets, floral prints, and platform shoes are making a comeback. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs, is creating an 80’s revival of acid washed denim. The denim is not appearing in only blue but in a multitude of colors such as black, red, gold, zebra print, and army green.   Fashion designer Michael Kors is bringing back the shiny metallic style in his new collection called “Beyond Brilliant.” This collection features anything from watches to clothing and always includes some sort of glitter and gold on it.

Jacobs and Kors are designers for the rich and famous, but don’t worry. If you ever want to get a look like the superstars, but can’t afford it don’t worry love, I can help you out.

Here are some ways to create your own fashion designer look on a budget. If you have a good fitting jacket or blazer, then change the old plastic buttons for fancy metal buttons to give it that expensive look.  Be careful to wear clothes that complement your body type. If you want to have a designer bag look then get a plain bag with a simple design on it and choose a popular color such as nude colors or classic blacks, browns or tans. Never be afraid to go to the thrift shops and look for styles there because you may find some designer brands that someone else has donated. Stick with basic make up: mascara, lip gloss, concealer, and maybe some eye liner and a light eye shadow. Ignore the popular fashion trends and find your individual style. It will make you stand out and you won’t look like everybody else in the school, and who knows maybe your individual fashion may become the new fashion trend. By paying attention to the basic things like a plain colored shirt, skinny jeans, things that you can mix and match with different colors and styles. Be creative and willing to try new things that are not of the status quo.

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Glitter and gold fill the fashion runway