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Science Olympiad Hopes for a Great Year

(From Left to right) Students Kenner B. Kimberly F. Masen P. and Nellie H. sport some medals after the Science Olympiad awards ceremony

(From Left to right) Students Kenner B. Kimberly F. Masen P. and Nellie H. sport some medals after the Science Olympiad awards ceremony

(From Left to right) Students Kenner B. Kimberly F. Masen P. and Nellie H. sport some medals after the Science Olympiad awards ceremony

Kenner B., Reporter

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After their success at the district level on February 4th, Layton High’s Science Olympiad team is anxious to make a name for itself this year. With a roster full of both experienced veterans and passionate newcomers, the team returned from the competition at Centennial Jr. High with many first place medals and the momentum needed to take the competition to greater heights.

According to Science Olympiad’s official website, (sonic.org) for the past 33 years, they have been, “ …providing rigorous, standards-based challenges [currently] to 7,600 teams in 50 states.” Giving kids of various interests and skill sets opportunities to compete in various STEM-based competitions, Science Olympiad has something for just about anyone. Senior Annika Saunders said, “There are events for all types… biology, chemistry, engineering…anything that involves science at all.”

Forensics is one of the events at Science Olympiad. Competitors in teams of two study things like hair samples, fingerprints, and different substances that often work as clues to help competitors answer questions about a mock crime scene. In Experimental Design, Olympians work together to devise an experiment, then work against the clock to record and analyze data. Practicing the scientific method and teamwork skills, this event helps prepare Olympians for scientific endeavors in their academic future.

For those considering the medical field, Anatomy and Physiology is another event where competitors are quizzed on parts of the human body and vocabulary concerning anatomy and cell structure. There are even robotics competitions like Electric Vehicle for those brave enough to enter their own creations to complete certain tasks.

Seniors and Science Olympiad newcomers Katie Thomas and Fischer Grubb were able to brave through the other competitors and snatch a gold medal in Electric Vehicle thanks to their trusty robot built from some borrowed VEX parts of Mr. Richard’s. Thomas said,” It was pretty cool. We were the best out of four.” Katie also explained how she and Fischer planned on fine-tuning the robot for future competitions so they can still be number one when they face more competition at regionals and State competition in the upcoming months.

Besides the thrill of competition, the friendships formed at Science Olympiad events are another reason that veterans keep returning. Hanging out at competitions and getting to know new members is half the fun. The reason Saunders joined Science Olympiad in the first place was because all her friends were a part of it. Having always loved science, she gave it a try.

(From left to right) Students Kenner B, Masen P, Nellie H, Katie T, Kimberly F, Corrine T, and Malchi C show off their index card tower they competed with during the awards ceremony

Layton High received the following rankings at their competition:

6th: Hydrogeology

6th: Wind Power

5th: Microbe Mission

5th: Anatomy and Physiology

5th: Invasive Species

1st: Bottle Rockets

1st: Disease Detectives

1st: Electric Vehicle

1st: Experimental Design

1st: Write It, Do It


Science Olympiad is a club where students can come to discover a true passion for science, technology, engineering, and math. Competing on a team allows students to learn teamwork skills that they can apply in the future. While preparing for the competitions can take lots of hard work, the work has seemed to pay off for the team members this year who have taken first in many of their events. Here’s to an amazing year for Science Olympiad!

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Science Olympiad Hopes for a Great Year