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Layton students experience careers with internship class

Morgan S. Interning at SeaQuest in Layton Hills Mall

Morgan S. Interning at SeaQuest in Layton Hills Mall

Morgan S. Interning at SeaQuest in Layton Hills Mall

Sydney S., Reporter

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The Student Internship/Workplace Skills class provides an opportunity for students to go off campus and perform work related to a certain job or career. Interns have the opportunity to perform tasks that increase their knowledge as well as sharpen skills that would be necessary for a future in a chosen career field. Senior, Mikelle Brown worked at Sand Springs Elementary School last semester. She intends to major in Elementary Education and eventually work as an early elementary school teacher. Brown said, “There is a lot of diversity and uniqueness in the kids. I learned to use trial and error to find what works for each kid.”

Another student intern, Emily Farnsworth was able to complete an internship last semester at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City. She learned a lot about what goes on in a hospital and how to work with patients and how to learn by observation. Also, Senior Morgan Smith is currently participating in her internship at the Sea Quest Interactive Aquarium in the Layton Hills Mall. She is learning about the care of animals in captivity, as well as what the word interactive really means, to please the customer and make their day.

Mrs. Owens is in charge of student interns. In order to participate, students submit an application. Applications are available in the counseling center and only Senior students are eligible to participate. Students must also maintain an average 3.0 GPA, and have no U’s. Internships at Layton High take up two back to back periods and are usually on “A” days.

Students have a variety of options available to them. While a few work at elementary schools in preparation for a degree in elementary education, others work in clinics to prepare for a career in the medical field; however, students options are not limited to those two fields. Others opportunities include vet clinics, government offices, retail businesses and more.

On Fridays student interns meet in a class at Layton High School to “fill out paperwork, participate in activities, and create a portfolio that can be used with future employees,” said Brown. While it may sound dull, both Farnsworth and Brown agreed that all the paperwork and creating a resume was very helpful. They don’t have to navigate it by themselves and they have the opportunity to receive feedback.

Not all internships end with the student following that career path. An internship can be a place to discover that it isn’t the right career for you before spending four years at college training for that profession.  Farnsworth mentioned that her internship opened her eyes to how many different fields she could go into in regards to the medical field. She has been able to find new interests, and is likely to change what her medical focus is.

Internships have provided valuable information and practical skills for many students at LHS. It provides an opportunity to start on a career path while still in high school and sometimes students are hired to work in that field after they complete their internship. If interested, students should talk to their counselor and Mrs. Owens to find an internship they are interested in.

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Layton students experience careers with internship class