Demands of All-star cheerleading produce positive results

Gage S. and Alexis H.

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All-star cheerleading is a competition sport not associated with high school cheerleading. Students not involved in high school cheer can still be involved with the sport by enrolling at a cheer gym. Tumbling, building pyramids and performing lifts in addition to dance skills are taught as All-star cheerleaders prep a 2 minute and 30 second routine to compete with. Some of the most common all-star cheerleading gyms throughout Utah include Macs Allstar Cheer with 21 teams, Fusion Allstars with 12 teams, and Revolution Athletics with 9 teams.

Walking into the warehouse gym, one is surrounded by concrete walls, spring floors, dead floors, and tumble tracks. Athletes train for 2 hours and 30 minutes three times a week. A typical practice would include a warm-up and stretching, stunts and tumbling practice and finish with the competition routine. The routine is first marked, meaning the routine is run through without stunts and tumbling and then a full out routine practice with stunts and tumbling finishes the practice. The warm-up and stretching is focused on increasing flexibility and strength. Some of the exercises athletes perform in the warm-up include bear crawls, burpees, push-ups, sit-ups and V-snaps. A typical routine includes many components. The first component is a main stunt. The main stunt involves three girls acting as the base holding a girl in the air. The girl in the air performs an elite stunt such as a heel stretch, a lib, a scorpion or an arabesque, a bow and arrow or a scale. The next component of the routine involves a one/two-person stunt, the same as the main stunt but with less bases. Next the team performs a pyramid which includes everyone on the team. These pyramids are sometimes built two to three people high with as many as 36 cheerleaders in the pyramid. Tumbling is next and could involve standing handsprings or a running round-off double full or a tuck, or lay-out full or multiple back handsprings. A 40 count dance concludes the routine.

Competitions usually comprise two days: Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday. While some competitions may only be one day, the two-day competitions add scores from both days to tally the final score. We cheer with Macs All-star Cheer and we recently attended a competition in Portland, Oregon. There were 200 teams from across the United States competing and our team took 2nd place. This was a compliment to the hours and hard work we had put in to preparing for the competition. We have also attended competitions in Las Vegas, Anaheim, Florida, Palm Springs and Dallas. Competition Cheer not only perfects talent, but provides opportunities to make new friends. All-star cheer is for anyone who is up for the challenge. It is rigorous, time consuming and costly, but well worth the investment. Cheerleaders improve physical talent as well as gain skills in setting and achieving goals, working hard and being responsible. All-star cheerleaders are for both males and females.

All-star cheer is a very competitive sport requiring a lot of time, money, and energy and it’s also very demanding on your body, but cheerleaders participating also learn how to work hard, set goals and commit to the time necessary to become more skilled. It is an expensive investment. Cheerleaders will spend a monthly tuition fee of $175 with addition fees for uniforms and competition entry fees. Many studios will attend six competitions per year. However the rigor of the program builds talent and confidence.

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Demands of All-star cheerleading produce positive results