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Bowman’s artwork accepted to Springville Art Show

Bowman's piece,

Bowman's piece, "Beneath the Burlap Façade," is being shown in the Springville Art Show.

Melaina Bowman

Melaina Bowman

Bowman's piece, "Beneath the Burlap Façade," is being shown in the Springville Art Show.

Alexis H., Reporter

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Melaina Bowman, a Layton High School senior, has an extraordinary talent for art. She has recently submitted a piece into the 45th Annual Utah All-State High School Springville Art Show and was accepted. The piece entered was a poke at the modern day “Pinterest mom” with social media portraying homemaking rather than overall values like love and unity.

Melaina created the piece, “Beneath the Burlap Façade” by first sketching the women’s faces with pen and ink. She then cut burlap, painted, burned, ripped and sewed the burlap to create the background, and finished off the piece by pouring beeswax over it.

While no one else in Melaina’s family shares this interest, she realized at about five years old she had a passion for all things related to arts, crafts and DIY. She has discovered that acrylic paint is her favorite medium and has taken several art classes and planning on pursuing her dream of becoming an art teacher.

Thrilled to see her piece in the art show, Melaina poses next to her artwork.

The following quote is an excerpt from Melaina herself. It is posted next to the artwork in the museum.

“The piece highlights the insecurities of the modern stay at home mom. (A nod to the oh so typical overused burlap and chevron pattern). Pinterest has become an escaping ground for mothers fighting off mediocrity and the grind of daily life. ‘Beneath the Burlap Façade’ is meant to suggest a deeper sadness/frustration beneath the Pinterest-project-binge of motherhood. The pressures of social media today are causing a change in what is expected of mothers. Perfection and one-upmanship. I believe that mothers are losing focus on embellishing homes with love and spending too much time fussing with decorations. This is not a stab at mothers but a statement encouraging society to recognize the weight mothers carry. I hope to be a mother someday. I hope to be as good a mom as my own. I dedicate this piece to my mom. She is someone who has never been concerned about the opinions of others-only her own and God. Gentle, kind and strong. Love you Mom.”

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Bowman’s artwork accepted to Springville Art Show