Layton High Needs to Hold On to Tradition

Sydney S., Reporter

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Does keeping traditions really matter anymore? Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof would argue that they do; in fact, he sings a whole song about it in the musical. I agree with Tevye that traditions matter, and more so in a high school setting. There are those who find traditions foolish because they believe that traditions only continue for the sake of continuing. However, traditions can be beneficial when the community impacted is involved.

The Huffington Post article: “Why We Need to Maintain Family Tradition” posted on the 5th of December, 2014 supported the importance of keeping traditions. The main points included:

  1. “Tradition is constant. Our lives are fast-paced, high-stress, busy and all over the place. It gives us the chance to slow down, appreciate and express gratitude towards the things in our lives that are not run by technology and busy demands.”
  2. “Traditions give you something to look forward to.” Who doesn’t look forward to homecoming week, the lancer reveal, etc.? Honestly, I think most everyone can agree that the only reason we are able to get through Monday is because of our tradition of having late start on Tuesday.
  3. “Tradition is really enjoyable.” One of the main reasons traditions are repeated is because they are enjoyable. Traditions make people happy.
  4. “Tradition won’t preserve itself.” Tradition is something the whole school and community can be involved in. It brings unity as we strive to make sure that the past is remembered and that the future for the things we love remains bright.
  5. “Tradition keeps us grounded and focused. While both good and bad distractions present themselves every day, tradition does an excellent job of keeping us focused on the things that are truly important. It keeps us grounded and close to our families, and exemplifies the love we have for each other and the importance of being together. Let tradition be your anchor.”

While the article addresses the family setting I think the principles can be applied to a school setting as well.

Personally, there are few activities that have occurred this year that I remember from my sophomore year. Many of the homecoming week activities are beloved traditions such as club painting with a paint fight following, the homecoming carnival, and tailgating before the big game. One of the school favorites is THE lancer that is “brought out” at the beginning of the school year and “put away” at the end of the year.  But aside from those, it is hard to recollect many memorable traditions. Are we losing traditions at Layton High?

I have been a student at Layton High School over the past three short years.  What used to be a tradition at LHS is no longer. Most sophomores and juniors don’t know what a Spirit Bowl is nor have they ever thrown baby powder at a football game nor had a chance to attend “Morp.”.  Why are traditions being abandoned? It’s as if a small part of Layton High is missing when we abandon a tradition. And when we lose traditions we also lose school spirit.

Students don’t have nearly as many activities to look forward to that they have either experienced before and loved, or heard cherished memories about. I talked to people that consider their high schools to be fairly tradition based. The first one mentioned, “Things here have been the same since day one and it just keeps getting better. I feel more unified really”. Another said, “Some classes are stronger than others, but there is never anything left behind”. It shows that traditions really can have a positive influence in people’s lives, especially in a school setting.

Preserving old traditions seems like a win/win situation.  A school benefits from the social interaction, but also becomes more unified.  Hopefully, we can be more willing to create and participate in traditions.

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Layton High Needs to Hold On to Tradition