Cole Porter Music Revue Dazzles Audience with Spectacular Performance of Classic Songs

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Kenner B., Reporter

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Layton High School’s Little Theatre stage lays bedazzled in the middle of the room as people bustle about before the show starts. Glittering streamers decorate the back of the stage, reflecting vibrant purple lights throughout the room. The stage is sparsely adorned with only a few platforms, empty but enticing. The lights dim as actors walk onto the stage dressed in black with accents of purple, and the Cole Porter Musical Revue, Hot n’ Cole, begins.

From April 26th to May 5th, Layton High School’s Musical Theatre co. performed Hot N’ Cole, breathing new life into already fantastic and acclaimed works from the famous Cole Porter. Born in 1891, Porter was a very talented songwriter, writing many famous pieces for both Broadway and the silver screen in the 1930s and late 1940s. As the show began, actors gave a brief introduction to Porter and his life and reminded the audience that despite being around for so long, his songs of love, life, and loss still relate to us today. After hearing many of the songs found in the review, the similarities were self-evident.

From the excitement and thrill of loving someone expressed in songs like I Get a Kick Out of You performed by Aubri Servoss and Company to the annoyance of persistent flirts in the Let’s Do It/ Let’s Not Talk About Love number performed by Brad Seager and Livy Alvey to the the broken down desperation found in songs like Love For Sale performed by Emily Saunders, Savannah Brown, and Dylan Brinkman that shows love’s darker side, Hot N’ Cole extensively covers love and life in all aspects of the human experience. The range of songs was out of this world and kept the audience excited as the songs progressed from playful, bubbly doo wop style to somber, unaccompanied harmonies that seemed to pierce right through your very soul. Every song was unique, keeping the audience engaged throughout the show.

The actors in the company were dynamite at adding their own personalities into each number. From the sophisticated, lovable, nerdy way that Cameron Ropp sang the Tale of the Oyster and the subtle nuances of Keaton Wilde as he played the role of the butler in Miss Otis Regrets to the way that McKenna Munson threatened McKay Horton with a rolling pin in their performance of Why Can’t You Behave/ Don’t Fence Me In and how petite Rhys McRoberts flung Holden Smith to the ground during their performance of Dizzy Baby, there were countless ways that Layton High made the songs their own, while maintaining the authenticity of Porter’s music. The actors, enjoyed their performance and made the audience enjoy it even more. Laughter punctuated the Little Theatre throughout the performance.

Each song told a story. There was an impressive amount of characterization in each performance. Every person, down to the performer in the very back of the stage, was performing true to a character they had created. It became easy to get lost in the company’s performances. The audience seemed happy for the “newlyweds” Quinten Wood and Anna Valentine in DeLovely and couldn’t stop laughing at the bickering between couple Sariah Pratt and Dylan Brinkman in their performance of But In the Morning, No.

McKenna Munson, in I’m Throwing a Ball, drove the audience crazy with her operatic, dynamite voice. Many audience members stopped after the show to shower her with well-deserved praise. Aubri Servoss’ performance stood out in I Get a Kick Out of You, Where Servoss’ confident voice was complimented with the doo wops of the company. Following that performance, the entire cast made beautiful harmony in In the Still of the Night. The songs flowed seamlessly into one another

The dancing was intricate and precise. Dancers navigated the multilevel stage with ease and rhythm as they tap danced, twirled, and grooved to the jazzy music throughout the revue. Company members were versatile and skilled in their dancing and group choreography.

Audience members left Hot N’ Cole abuzz with the excitement of the songs and the evening. The cast mastered 41 songs while still maintaining Layton High’s standard for high-quality performances. It was so easy to get lost in the world of Cole Porter with such amazing musical arrangements, and it was honestly quite hard to have to resurface and go back to the real world. I came to the performance not really knowing who Cole Porter was, but after seeing the show, I’m sure I’ll never be able to forget him. The Layton High Musical Theatre co. turned me into a real Cole Porter Fan.


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Cole Porter Music Revue Dazzles Audience with Spectacular Performance of Classic Songs